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We RENT the Tool NOW   -  curb site pick up Vaughan, ON or delivery in Toronto, GTA area

Video and Tutorial of STilco Precision Tool

in action:

- tracing curves and sharp angles

- scribing around brick or stone

- working around curved nosing

- working around bonus step

Video and Turorial of STilco Precision Tool working around column:

- tracing curve around the round column

Video and Tutorial of STilco Precision Tool working around STONE FIREPLACE

- scribing around stone

EASY to RENT the STilco Precision Tool - pick up or drop off.

Terms and Conditions of renting.


1. Upon RENTING, this STilco Tool, the tool CAN BE used to those individuals private purposes ONLY.
2. The Tool and "How to" information CANNOT be shared publicly and/or among groups via any types of media or actions without a written Agreement consenting such share by STilco Precision Authorized-Corporate Officer.
3. The Tool CANNOT be: reproduced and/or distributed publically/privately, sold to third party, traded with third party, or placed for rental, without a written Agreement consenting such trade/reproduction/service by STilco Precision Authorized-Corporate Officer.
4. Quality Control: Each Tool is individually tested and inspected by the manufacturer to ensure that it operates/works perfectly and it reaches safety standards.
5. The Tool is RENTED - detailed conditions are listed on the "RENTAL AGREEMENT" form.