STilco Precision & Design 

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Quotes This Tool is incredible !!!, everyone who works in construction should have it, such a "helping hand for us contractors." Quotes
Frank S.
26 years of experience in Construction/Home Renovation

Quotes Thank you for the Tool and the idea. I purchased the "little helper" 6 months ago to do my own floor, and since then anyone who comes to visit my family is amazed with the work and precision. People are complementing and asking for the installer's telephone to do their houses - I decided to switch my boring office job to become the hardwood floor installer and put smile and happiness to people's lives - now I finally enjoy my work, and this is because I have a "perfect helper" - I got new job that pays good and looks great - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE STILCO TOOL. Quotes
Benn H
Flooring installer

Quotes Job is completed within hours, not days like previously - God Bless those who came up with this great idea. Quotes
Jack F.
20 years of experience in Floor Installation and Finishing

Quotes Finally I don't need to use the paper/cardboard template anymore, what a relief. Struggling with paper, pen or pencil, sometimes with knife to adjust the cardboard to the silly curve prolonged my work by day or two depending on the length of the curve, and now, oh man, I can finish the long curve by few moments - TOOL FOR LIFE - it is worth the money !!!! Quotes
Simon J.
18 years of experience in Floor Installation

Quotes I wish that the invention was sooner available on the market, such an easement and time and money saver. Quotes
John R.
Homeowner/Do-it-yourself Person

Quotes Oh men !!!, best spent money ever, it returned within minutes. Quotes
Robert K.
Contractor/Home Renovation